Monday, May 9, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Miss

Yes, I know it's Monday, but I was busy on Friday, and too tired to blog then.

But, I still wanted to participate in this week's FMF, as it is perfect for how I am feeling right now. So, here is my Five Minute Friday post.

It is around this time of the year that I am missing my mom.

She has been gone 6 1/2 years. 6 1/2 years since I said goodbye. Since she died.

Life has not been the same without her here, and I miss her more and more, each passing day.

I miss our morning talks, talking about everything and nothing in particular. I miss our outings to restaurants.

I miss her bringing home movies to watch from the library (she worked at our local library).

I miss her comforting me when I would have a panic attack.

I miss her voice.

I miss her.

She had a love for all types of food, something which she passed down to me.

We have a recliner that was 'her' chair, and it took a long to get used to her not being in it anymore. She loved the recliner.

Even though her health wasn't the best for years, she always wanted to be doing something (she loved going to work every day).

She is always missed, by many. Not just by me, and my family, but from her work, and the neighborhood. I will always miss and love her. Always.

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