Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun-Filled Weekend

Last weekend, I had gone on vacation with a few friends, as there was a festival going on.

It was so much fun!!

There were a lot of games, food, music, and rides. I checked out some of everything.

One of the games they had was the goldfish ping pong game. In their game, if you got five ping pong balls in bowls, you could get a hermit crab instead of the fish. That's what I decided to do when I played.

Besides going to the festival, I went swimming a few times with my friends, and just hung out a bit.

The day we were going back home, my friends did a Christmas in July celebration. They didn't tell me they were going to do that, so I didn't get anything for them, and I wasn't expecting to get anything myself.

But, I got three different presents, which really surprised me.

I got four different sizes of knitting needles (two sizes of which I already had), some yarn, and a baking book.

I am really into knitting and baking, so I was (and am) very happy with what I got.

The friend that gave me the knitting stuff said that if I wanted to, she could take me to the store to exchange what I didn't want or need for something I did want or need.

I decided to exchange the needle sizes I already had for ones I wanted/needed.

She also got me more yarn, some sewing needles (for sewing in the ends of the yarn for when a project is finished), and a bottle of lavender and vanilla scented lotion.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends!!

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